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StarDawg, or Star Dawg, is a cross between a female Chemdawg 4 and a male Tres Dawg. Propagated by JJ Edwards of Top Dawg Seeds in 2011, Star Dawg is said to express a couple of phenotypes, one of which is considered Indica-dominant and the other considered to be Sativa-dominant.

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Dependent on the cut of StarDawg cultivated, the strain will either produce a short, compact, fast-flowering, Indica-dominant plant; or a fast-stretching, rapidly blossoming, Sativa-dominant plant. Indoors, the Sativa-leaning cut of Stardawg will finish flowering in roughly 63-73 days, while outdoor cultivators will need to wait until early October in the Northern Hemisphere, or early April in the Southern Hemisphere before they can harvest. The Indica-dominant cut of StarDawg, grown either indoors or outdoors, will take roughly 65 days to fully mature after entering the flowering period.

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